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Compton - Makin

Postby highlandelectrone » Sat May 12, 2012 10:32 pm

Good evening to you all

I mentioned in a separate thread that I had acquired a Compton - Makin instrument. Now for some more about it!

It appears to be based on the later incarnation of the Compton 357, it has a similar specification and appearance. Square stop tabs and the usual voicing and keying arrangement. What appears to be different is the tremulant, and most importantly - the fact that the motor drive pulley is twice the diameter (or appears to be) than normal.

So, are the generators running at double speed or is the motor a slower version? Time will tell - I havent had it going yet.

I picked up the "Rotofon" speaker for it this week, and although externally it looks like the Compton version, it is different (better?) internally.

I will post some pics shortly.


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