April Electrone Harvest

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April Electrone Harvest

Postby highlandelectrone » Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:47 pm

Good evening to you all.

As the title suggests, April has been a good month in the world of Electrone Preservation!

I have acquired a nice, original Sonatina with original bench. Not the most organ-like of the range but worthy of mention nevertheless!

On the same trip I picked up a interesting conversion - it's a Livingstone Chorale, dating from 1984, but it lives inside a converted 357CP console! I havent had a chance to open it up yet (still in store) but the console is untouched and in good condition, apart from the stop tabs, so it should yield some useful spares if nothing else!

The next addition is an early model Compton-Makin with Rotofon. Again, still in storage but it looks like it might have some interesting features, and be worthy of preservation.

The most important acquisition is one of the "Draper" electrones - there were very few made (see elsewhere on this site) so it is good to have managed to get hold of one of them. It has the added advantage of being a large specification 3 manual, with full electric relay action - which makes it eminently suitable for the discrete addition of midi encoders, to enable the Free Trade Hall generator cabinet to be played once again from a proper 3 manual console.

I will post more news once I investigate these insruments further.

All the best!


PS theres a Mason & Hamlin harmonium in the shed if anyone wants it!
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