Update: Eidophor, TR-48 and our (slow!) progress

News of recoveries, restorations and run-up to opening day

Update: Eidophor, TR-48 and our (slow!) progress

Postby Lucien Nunes » Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:31 am

It has been a long time since the last update, here are the headlines:

1. We've had to push open day to later in the year. Dave and I set ourselves a rather challenging programme of intense activity to re-arrange the place over the winter to make it exhibition-worthy for this year. Unexpected family commitments for both of us have meant that has had to be curtailed until next month, when we expect to pick up where we left off. People have continued to offer their time and assistance, so there has been some progress nonetheless. For example Malcolm came along for a weekend of sorting and cataloguing.

2. I am in discussion about a possible collaborative programme that would serve as a springboard for EK by filling in many gaps in the display collection and creating a turnkey exhibition. More on this if and when a clear plan emerges.

3. Although we have not had time to do lots of exciting recoveries, a few important items have arrived including the Eidophor TV projector from the Odeon Leicester Square, the PACE TR-48 analogue computer from Littlebrook and a collection of valves and magnetrons from CEMT. I will try to write more about these this weekend.

4. More material is waiting in the wings. In particular Jim Laws has donated yet more historic lighting equipment, including parts of what might be the oldest Grand Master, a nearly complete Sunset, etc. I always look forward to a trip to Jim's Aladdin's cave but gremlins keep thwarting our attempts to get there. Then there is a selection of domestic appliances waiting to be picked up from Sussex, a large substation control panel and associated equipment from Littlebrook, possibly a nice GE / Talaria light valve projector to go next to the Eidophor, and Malcolm has just offered some items we need for the PABX3 installation.

More later...

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