EK work party weekend

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EK work party weekend

Postby Lucien Nunes » Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:00 pm

Last Saturday and Sunday we had another one of our general sortouts at the stores, during which Dave, Malcolm and I started to move stage lighting equipment towards its new area - the stage has finally found a home! We have a 16-foot square space for the stage and its rigging, opposite one of the main exhibition bays in which we can set out all the lighting desks and possibly a bit of sound gear and a projector or two. My original concern of having to get all the heavy stuff like generators and substation gear in first is now resolved, as nothing will be trapped in by the stage installation.

We also moved some of the Electrones into the next bay along, which will be their new home since the collection has outgrown its original area. We have space to show about ten instruments at once, not the whole collection but I think it's better to aim for best presentation than jamming them all in without sufficient room to see and hear them properly. The new layout also allows people to sit on the organ benches to watch demonstrations. The final bay in that row will be for heavy electrical and power conversion equipment which will need to be put in position when Edward is next on site with his crane and heavy lifting gear.

More updates as they happen

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