New arrivals - lighting, turtles etc.

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New arrivals - lighting, turtles etc.

Postby Lucien Nunes » Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:39 pm

Last weekend Dave and I spent two days at the stores, putting up two bays bays of racking, loading them and tidying the surrounding area. The immediate aim of this was to create floor space for some incoming equipment including another round of lighting controls kindly donated by Jim Laws. There is more to do in this room and more to come from Jim this week. Attached pics show the fader wing of a Strand 80 channel Threeset board, of which the third preset is on the master console, and the giant Furse EDA which was similar to Strand's AMC but with additive grouping. In the Threeset pic you can just see the end of the MMS console in the foreground.

Equally exciting (but no pics yet as I didn't have camera with me at the time) are the microcomputer peripherals and accessories saved from possible destruction by Dave and Dick Elms, including a brand-new Valiant Turtle, a couple of Edinburgh Turtles and a Control-It box. These first-generation turtles were popular in the 1980s for teaching practical applications of microcomputer control and simple programming, although their durability as pieces of hardware was often challenged by the classroom environment!

Threeset wing.jpg
80 channel Strand Electric Threeset fader wing
Threeset wing.jpg (152.94 KiB) Viewed 19385 times
Furse EDA.jpg
Furse EDA manual control with multiple timed submasters
Furse EDA.jpg (69.58 KiB) Viewed 19385 times
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