A Quick Update

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A Quick Update

Postby Lucien Nunes » Fri Jul 06, 2012 5:34 pm

After months of very little happening, this coming week marks the start of the logistics project. I said Summer 2012 and although it still doesn't look much like Summer we have to crack on. Although not essential, dry weather would be a great help because there's a lot of palletised loads to sort out that are best done outdoors.

Over July and August, we will be:
Moving the heaviest exhibits into place
Building racking in the permament store areas near the exhibition area
Loading it with things we might want to get at soon
Evicting everything else to less accessible spaces (or the junk pile as appropriate!)
Bringing all important items in from outlying stores.

I have rehearsed this a dozen times on paper but now we have to actually do it! There are dozens of Strowger racks to bring together from three different stores, they are not very user-friendly to transport and always hard work. There are also delicates like the best of the Electrones and the Line-Store Standards Converter. Edward will be in attendance with his truck and crane because one of the first jobs will be to put the heavy iron in position, including the Belliss genset, the parts of the Crossley / GEC, some of the rectifiers etc. Time to restock the tea and coffee I think!

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